Barbara Keller

Barbara Keller is having a wonderful old age in Baja. She’s a Registered Nurse, a teacher, a writer, and an odd ball. This Is the best time of her life and she loves doing the paper and every single day of her life here.

Villa Moreno – La Mision Horse Whisperer

Walking the boardwalk in La Mision, I noticed that most of the guys renting their horses keep them firmly tied to a line.  But another group of horses are just standing around, like people at a cocktail party.  No ties, no restraints at all.  After asking around I learned that these horses belong to Villa.  One day I found him …

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Tick Tick, Bang Bang

When I turned 21 my mother told me I would know I was grown up when I understood time.  I don’t think I ever got it. If I’m waiting for something, I prepare and prepare, and then the event comes and goes and I’m still preparing and maybe even still worrying.  Not for too long, a few days and then …

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The Border: Don’t Feel Bad if You Can’t Find it

I’ve never been good at finding my way, so I was happy when Map Quest came along and thrilled with the arrival of the GPS. When we moved to Mexico I bought the right chip for my GPS and hoped for the best.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  It will get me to the border crossing in Otay.  …

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The Heart of La Fonda is Still Beating

All is well.  In spite of the appearance of a gigantic garage sale in front of the hotel for two days.  Yes, there was some upheaval and the hotel seems to have run away from home.  But it’s business as usual for our wonderful old restaurant at the beach. The restaurant, bar and dance floor are still here and intact.  …

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Restaurant Luis Seafood House

Sitting quietly on a side street is a very clean, bright, unassuming restaurant in Puerto Nuevo with pleasant, ordinary furniture, like a cafe anywhere, that belies the terrific experience I found there. My friend who suggested we go there with, “I really like this place.  The food is clean,” told me you can have whatever you want, just ask.  “Breakfast …

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Sunday Brunch with Barbara

I went to the Sunday brunch at La Fonda at 9:00 on the nose and again at 2:30 in the afternoon.  I wanted to see if there was much difference between the first serving and the end of the line. Surprisingly, I didn’t find much difference.  I enjoyed it both times.  The barbecued ribs, among the best anywhere, were kind …

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