Want to feel like you’re living in an Anne of Green Gables book? Come to the La Mision Variety Show

What could be sweeter than a tiny hometown variety show?  You are invited to come along Saturday, June 27, at 2 PM in the big church in the center of La Mision, where they have Monday market. (3 blocks west of the free road, turn right at Magana’s Reestaurant).  It’s official name is Templo Christiano Elim.  Plenty of parking in the giant dirt parking lot next door.

This started as a recital for the local dance classes.  Rachel Martin, who writes for this paper, was a certified Dance teacher in her pre-ex-pat life.  Her dancer’s heart couldn’t resist offering local classes, free for her, 10 pesos for the dance space, to children ages 2 to 13 and ladies who tap.  Thinking that four dances did not a show make, they opened it to the community and got performers: an opera singer, a rock guitarist, two people singing a classical Mexican song accompanied by guitar, a singer, song writer with piano, a flute player, two impressionists, and a cabaret singer.

Social time with snack afterward.  If you’re not too far from La Mision, do come.  It will be fun.  About an hour long.

About Barbara Keller

Barbara Keller is having a wonderful old age in Baja. She’s a Registered Nurse, a teacher, a writer, and an odd ball. This Is the best time of her life and she loves doing the paper and every single day of her life here.

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