The Heart of La Fonda is Still Beating

La Fonda MarriageAll is well.  In spite of the appearance of a gigantic garage sale in front of the hotel for two days.  Yes, there was some upheaval and the hotel seems to have run away from home.  But it’s business as usual for our wonderful old restaurant at the beach.

The restaurant, bar and dance floor are still here and intact.  The house band is still doing their marvelous job on Friday and Saturday nights.  Paco is still playing his excellent, melodic guitar music for Sunday brunch and early diners.

The regulars are still coming in.  Jema had her college graduation party the night after the furniture in the street event. And Carolina Abrego, Scott Bowen and three year old Angelina had their wedding reception at La Fonda that Saturday night.

Last Saturday evening I awarded Dr. Veronica a ten for best dressed/best dancer of the evening.  The rain forced the activities inside.  Our good staff moved the tables out of the way and we danced in the bar.  Veronica was wearing a beautiful, well fitting, gold lace dress and everyone, men and women, said “ahh”.

Raffa and a few friends had dinner and cake to celebrate his birthday.  It was a happy, warm evening with the rain on the roof, and friends and visitors alike having a lovely time.

The barbecue ribs are still delicious.  The buffet is still a great way to spend some time on Sunday to relax and unwind.  The staff are the same friendly guys who were here last time you came in.  Pedro and Josua are still genial and pour generous drinks at the bar.

The management still supports the community.  A women’s tap dance class is held on the deck Wednesday mornings.  A waiter gets help with his high school fees.  Last weekend, when it rained, I saw all the staff eating big dinner plates of whole fried fish.  Alex, the manager, said “We had some extra.”  Quietly, everyday, they help.  They try.

La Fonda is part of our community.  Lots of people have jobs.  Lots of people have a place to meet.  I will have my 71st birthday there on March 22.  Come say happy birthday.

La Fonda Restaurant and Bar is very open, and good as ever.

About Barbara Keller

Barbara Keller is having a wonderful old age in Baja. She’s a Registered Nurse, a teacher, a writer, and an odd ball. This Is the best time of her life and she loves doing the paper and every single day of her life here.

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