Restaurant Luis Seafood House

Luis Restaurant LobsterSitting quietly on a side street is a very clean, bright, unassuming restaurant in Puerto Nuevo with pleasant, ordinary furniture, like a cafe anywhere, that belies the terrific experience I found there.

My friend who suggested we go there with, “I really like this place.  The food is clean,” told me you can have whatever you want, just ask.  “Breakfast isn’t on the menu, but if you want breakfast, ask for it.”  He had a lobster omelet with beans and rice, and steamed cauliflower and carrots.  I had an enormous lobster for $250 pesos.  The other man with us had lobster and shrimp.  Tender quesadillas came first with an excellent, tasty guacamole.

My lobster was an immersion experience.  I got butter all over my face and it dripped down my shirt.  By the end I was ripping with my fingers and teeth.  I didn’t think I was hungry, but I didn’t stop eating until every single bite was gone.  The food was wonderful.  But that’s not all.

The service was swell.  We had attention for every bitefull it seemed.  Edgar Toscano, the owner’s son, came out and chatted with us, and then he and the server, Pedro, stood by the door to say good bye.  Even the mariachis were great.  My host explained the music came from his home country, Ecuador, and the musicians played beautifully even with their worn, old guitars.

My host was right.  It was a clean place with clean food – simple, and well prepared.  I will be back to Luis Seafood House.

Enter by the south gate at Puerto Nuevo, go two blocks, park by the northwest corner, and go up some odd stairs.  They will welcome you.  [email protected]

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