My favorite place to shop in the whole wide world

I mean that literally.  I have shopped in Stuargardt Germany, Vancouver, BC, New York, L.A., Seattle, and two different Hawaiian Islands.  The big places and the small places.  Open air markets and high class high-rises.  Ritzy places that have given me heart palpitations at the prices and places so cheap that I wondered how anyone made a profit.

Los Globos Ensenada Full ViewMy favorite place in all my travels?  Los Globos in Ensenada.  You can find pretty much anything there.  My favorite (as I love to cook) are the myriad food stalls.  The cheese shop next to the fruit and vegetable shop.  The meat counter right around the corner.  Lots of different options for each.  I can find rich decadent honey next to beautiful zucchini blossoms and all at a price that is fantastic.

Shopping at Los Globos I can feed my family amazing quality food and not break the bank.  Next door to Los Globos is one of those water filtration places.  Honestly it is almost worth the trip there from La Mision just for their water.  It tastes better and to me seems cleaner and less acidic.  Parking inside the gated area for only 10 pesos.

Back to the food there are also quite a few food vendors inside Los Globos as well.  I have tried a few and found them all good.  You can also find your regular necessities at many of the shops there.  There is even what appears to be a natural apothecary that I have never checked out but it smells lovely.  There are, of course, the regular clothing shops and shoe stores.  One is just outside of the main area that sells only boots.  It is full to the brim with lovely boots of all types for men and women’s at again great prices.

Los Globos Ensenada Meat MarketI have to say that I don’t get there as often as I would like.  We try to plan a trip there every two or three weeks for the experience, the food, the eye candy, and a good time.  We found a really nice man at one of the fruit and vegi stands that speaks perfect English and we always like to stop for a chat.  He often tells us where to go to find the best deals or how to find exactly what we’re looking for.  Everyone there is friendly, helpful, and kind when we speak our broken Spanish.  If you have a few hours and are in need of just about anything try Los Globos you will be glad you did.

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