Sunday Brunch with Barbara

Girls Whispering I went to the Sunday brunch at La Fonda at 9:00 on the nose and again at 2:30 in the afternoon.  I wanted to see if there was much difference between the first serving and the end of the line.

Surprisingly, I didn’t find much difference.  I enjoyed it both times.  The barbecued ribs, among the best anywhere, were kind of dried out at 2:30, but on the other hand they weren’t served yet at 9:30 a.m..

For my first round I had mashed potatoes.  They weren’t hot, but the lovely, kind waiters happily microwaved them.  The nice man behind the grill cooked me some over easy eggs perfectly to my specifications.  A little menudo in a bowl – red, my favorite, was excellent.  I think the beef tacos might be better first thing — very fresh and tasty.  Cooked apple slices, which I enjoy, and a pineapple tamale were delicious and filled me up.  A nice strong cup of what they promised was decaf, no jittery after effects, and I was on my way.

In the afternoon the mashed potatoes were hot.  Go figure.  I love mashed potatoes and theirs are excellent.  Some crispy baked chicken, some barbecue ribs, a little more menudo which was a bit different, as though someone else cooked it, some outstanding flan, not too sweet, just right, some good spicy, crunchy guacamole, and once again I left full and happy.

Sunday Brunch at La FondaThis is not gourmet food.  It’s comfort food.  Plenty, tasty, hot and filling.  Many dishes I didn’t try, many that look delicious.  Chipotle chicken in cream sauce always calls to me, but in fact it’s too spicy for my taste.  I pick the foods that comfort me, and I always leave happier than when I arrive, even if it’s twice in one day.

When I looked around I saw cheerful, full, content people: some because of the included Bloody Mary’s, some just because of being in a familiar, comfortable place, hanging out with their family or friends, and eating their fill of their favorite foods.

Sunday, 9-3, La Fonda, Km 58, La Mision.  646 155 0308 $13.95

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Barbara Keller is having a wonderful old age in Baja. She’s a Registered Nurse, a teacher, a writer, and an odd ball. This Is the best time of her life and she loves doing the paper and every single day of her life here.

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