Bunny Wingate Tavares

Bunny Wingate Tavares is author of Escaping the USA on Amazon.

Baja Calypso

While you can still just drop in, before there is no more room at the Inn and it’s reservations only, have a romantic, utterly delicious dinner at Calypso.  The décor features paintings of great blues musicians on the walls, a wood stove which will be great if the weather is ever cold again, and a slight hint of dining in …

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What’s it like to stand before a lot of people – some you know and some you don’t – and become someone else? After the torture of studying words you would never say in real life which makes it even harder to remember them.  And after the fear that you will never remember your lines and ruin the whole play, …

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Las Olas Sunday Buffet

Sunday Sunday.  Almost the Mommas and Poppas, my generation’s tune.  For those that remember, I sang it this Sunday, quietly to myself (fortunately for the other diners) while dining at the Las Olas Grande Sunday buffet.  They hold it in their spectacular ocean front restaurant with the waves crashing on the rocks, fifteen feet high, splashing over the rail of …

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Mule 61

Mule 61 opened on New Year’s Eve and hasn’t looked back.  We all have dissimilar tastes in food but great is great, and this upscale eatery with very reasonable prices will be one of our go to places.  The owners are very personable with each one coming to our table along with the chef to ask for critiques, and we …

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The Big Chicken

It was known far and wide and in another time in the land of the Bronx that Sam the furrier loved Rose the housewife.  Rose cooked and cleaned and stuffed all manner of food down the throat or her unwilling husband who always wanted to please his Rose no matter what the consequence.  Sam was in those days a health …

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