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    Beautiful view from the Baja Calypso restaurant in Rosarito

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    Blues-themed dining area

Baja Calypso

While you can still just drop in, before there is no more room at the Inn and it’s reservations only, have a romantic, utterly delicious dinner at Calypso.  The décor features paintings of great blues musicians on the walls, a wood stove which will be great if the weather is ever cold again, and a slight hint of dining in a medieval hall.  There is an ocean side dining patio right outside.

Gilles is your host and owner of this fabulous eatery.  He has a lifetime history in fine restaurants, in Spain, France and four restaurants in the San Diego area.  The San Diego Reader did a story on him last month.  Why he is here is a bit mysterious.  He was feeling the wear and tear of life in California, and was driving by K38 when it hit him.  He said to his wife, “What would you think if I put a restaurant here?”  And so he did, to our benefit.

Elaine is the manager and she’s there to assist with menu choices and to make sure you’re happy.  Their real goal is to make us happy.  Juan is your waiter and what a good job he does.  He’s efficient, thoughtful and charming with that natural warmth and helpfulness one sees occasionally in butlers in old movies — traits that one assumes can only be bred over seven generations.

There are so many delicious choices that choosing one is next to impossible.  Breakfast and lunch are served as well as dinner.  We’ve decided to return as many times as it takes to sample all the dishes we love.

The chef is a marvel.  There is truffle oil in the wild mushroom soup, altogether an extravagant taste sensation.  His lobster bisque and the truffle oil garlic fries are amazing as are his desserts featuring Tarte Tartin, an apple creation of gigantic proportions, and the chocolate mousse.  David’s goat cheese salad at $5.95 was huge and more than enough for two.  Beautiful presentation characterizes all the dishes but taste and texture are the true hallmarks of this restaurant.  We have heard nothing but praise from our friends who have dined here and David is becoming a regular for breakfast.  We hope this restaurant remains a permanent fixture in Rosarito.

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