Las Olas Sunday Buffet

Bunny Wingate Tavares at Las Olas Sunday BuffetSunday Sunday.  Almost the Mommas and Poppas, my generation’s tune.  For those that remember, I sang it this Sunday, quietly to myself (fortunately for the other diners) while dining at the Las Olas Grande Sunday buffet.  They hold it in their spectacular ocean front restaurant with the waves crashing on the rocks, fifteen feet high, splashing over the rail of the balcony.  It was mesmerizing and beautiful.  We watched in awe through wall to wall glass windows.

Las Olas Sunday Buffet StaffThe restaurant is stark white with upscale fixtures and an entire wall of wine bottles in the entry way.  Jesus, Mario and their staff are always at the ready to serve and recommend their best and finest dishes while you enjoy your welcome Mimosa.  The buffet changes often with new offerings like lasagna, enchiladas, calamari, eggs any way you like them, mouthwatering chicken with local spices and much more.  The pancakes were delicious paired with sautéed apples and bananas as was the quiche.  The fruit table presented watermelon, pineapple and cantaloupe perfectly ripe.  Of course I ate too much, as did everyone else.  We saw folks returning to the tables many times.  A huge pot of menudo graced the middle table and I loved it.  The coffee was robust and I wondered how all this fabulous food and service could be offered for a price of slightly under fourteen dollars.

Las Olas Restaurant Ocean View
Las Olas Grande is at km 35.5, right next to Calafia. Drive through the pink arch on the free road coming from the north to the front entrance. The staff will direct you to the restaurant, free parking.

We are lucky to have so many good buffets along our coast.  The offerings here are a little different and include some unusual items.  I felt regal and spoiled in this beautiful environment and will return often.  Don’t miss this restaurant for dinner or the buffet; it’s the top of the mark in Rosarito.

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