Baja California’s Beautiful Hotspots

In the tidal pools of the Baja California peninsula, there are profound signs of life – more life than what can be imagined on land.  With enchanting beauties, the peninsula is located off Mexico’s northwestern coast.  The landmass divides the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean.  The edge of the ocean is a home to white periwinkles, prickly urchins and crabs.  Dolphins and gulls enhance the beauty of the Pacific.  Visiting for the first time, you will be hooked after watching the ocean transform into its marvelous deep purple color.  Apart from the booming Los Cabos, which is at the tip of the peninsula, Baja is largely undeveloped.  At the shoreline, new restaurants and hotels are mushrooming with tourists making endless flights to the region.  Here, impromptu horse races, homegrown banda concerts, succulent shrimp taco and chilly Pacifico beer are most addictive.  The migratory whales, immaculate beaches, prehistoric paintings and the tropical oases continue to make Baja California a hotspot for visitors.  Any time you visit Baja California, be sure to make a stopover at hotspots such as Cabo Pulmo, Mulege and Balandra.


Cabo Pulmo

Are you an enthusiast in scuba diving or do you enjoy being a naturalist?  Then Cabo Pulmo National Park is the ultimate spot you would not like to miss visiting while in Baja California.  The park stretches 60 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, the most famous city in California Sur.  At Cabo Pulmo, you will find the oldest reefs lying off North America’s coast.  The reefs at Cabo Pulmo are estimated to be about 20,000 years old and form the habitat for a number of multicolored fauna and flora.  In the 20th century, the area was largely overexploited through overfishing.  Today, Cabo Pulmo National Park has tremendously experienced a resurgence that has seen it regain its ecological beauty.



In the vast expanse of a desert area, an oasis is the last thing that will ever come to your imagination.  Mulege town answers the cravings of vegetables and fruit lovers, while visiting the beautiful arid land of Baja California.  The town, which is just at the bottom of the river valley, affords the arid land with an extraordinary abundance of vegetables and fruits.  Take a walk and enjoy the impressive views of the green valley.  The old prison, which was built without any bars and defenses, is also worth visiting.  At the time when the roads were treacherous and few, an escape from this isolated Mulege town would result in the death for the inmates.



You will not forgive yourself by leaving Baja California without setting your foot on Balandra.  If you share with your friends that you visited Baja California Sur, they will definitely ask you if you had a chance to visit the Balandra bay.  The bay faces the Sea of Cortez and is almost wholly circular and encircled by beautiful sand dunes.  This natural phenomenon makes the sea at Balandra calmer compared to other areas in the gulf.  Crossing from one side of the bay to the other is seamless as the beautiful blue water only reaches just above the waist.  Kick the sand and capture those moments by taking photos as you cross without fearing the manta rays that swim away harmlessly.



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