Jessica Nigri

Unfading Memories of Machaca Taste

Visiting Baja California leaves you with some unforgettable recollections.  From yummy foods, to refreshing drinks, to the cool breezes, we left Baja with memories that would eventually draw us back during our next holiday.  I will hardly forget that chilly, dried and salted machaca, which is common in most restaurants we happen to have had dinner at in Baja.  As …

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Baja California’s Beautiful Hotspots

In the tidal pools of the Baja California peninsula, there are profound signs of life – more life than what can be imagined on land.  With enchanting beauties, the peninsula is located off Mexico’s northwestern coast.  The landmass divides the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean.  The edge of the ocean is a home to white periwinkles, prickly urchins …

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