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RummikubOur town presents enormous possibilities every day of the week for fun and games, food and chatter, sports and beach or just plain sittinʼ around and taking life easy.  I am trying my best to pack as much living into my life before its inevitable end, and I donʼt even have to travel more than a few miles in any direction to achieve this goal.  Just last week, in the blink of an eye, a friend asked another friend who asked another friend to meet for lunch at the Palacio Royal at the Mazatlan Plaza on Monday, and before the chopsticks were out of their wrapping, a mess of ladies were sitting around the table enjoying great
conversation and fabulous food.

Tuesday presented a challenge for my brain because my friend Penny asked me to join her for a game of Rummykub at Splash Too.  Having no idea what that was I showed up, broke some brain matter trying to learn the game.  This week there were four tables of men and women tapping on their tables, passing and building, and Iʼm still learning.  Before my feet headed for the door I was asked to join a Mah Jong group on Friday.

“What about Wednesday?” I asked.  Silly me, I forgot the 4 pm round table ladies group at Susanaʼs Restaurant complete with libations and lots of laughs.  The highlight of my week is Farkle.  Itʼs a wild and crazy game played with dice and silly sayings mixed with loud screaming and much fun on Thursdays at 3 pm at Paradise Cove.  Charlyʼs fantastic buffet is our usual next stop after Farkle.

Driving on the free road towards La Mision you will see a new sign on the wall of a building announcing the Sunset Medical Group and Home Care.  Her offices are in the same building and will be open mid August.  Weʼre going back in time to house calls and complete home care by a very modern and forward thinking MD, Janene Caracaus.  Janene is young and exciting with fresh, new ideas and yes, she is licensed in Mexico.  Her experience is extensive, her bedside manner refreshingly charming and her medical knowledge well tested.

We now have Saturday and Sunday to either collapse on the couch or keep the pace up.  Barbecues and Not Church, music in Susanaʼs courtyard, flea markets, more food and possibly a visit to an orphanage with our wonderful clown troupe who entertain the children of Rosarito.  Please join us for any and all of these fun things to do…everyoneʼs welcome.  I havenʼt even scratched the surface, so next month more stuff to do and at my age doing it all is miraculous.

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