Adios Palm Grill

Memories are tied to places.  The sight of a special building and the reflections of events there sparkle in your memory.  Such is the case with the time spent by so many of us over the years at the Palm Grill next to Cantamar.  Mine center around relaxing dining with my (late) husband after a long week of work, dancing to Wandana, catching up with friends and neighbors over glasses of wine, Christmas cookie exchanges, surprise birthday parties, Sunday jazz under the palms, a Sunday Brunch that never failed to impress visitors, and quiet afternoons reading in the patio with my dog exploring the garden and wine on command.

If you drive by there today, don’t be surprised at the sight of the building flattened, the palms all gone, and the land cleared ready for a Pemex and CircleK.  This land, sold to developers, is developing fast into a much needed gas station, but memories fade a bit without the physical stimulus of a building where so much life permeated the walls and echoed from the floor.

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