Thereʼs a shift that happens when you refer to one place as home and a former home becomes something a little less.  It still has an important place in your heart, but itʼs not the anchor anymore.

I have written about my journey to and in Rosarito and have talked about my personal growth because of it.  My husband, Gerry, found his anchor here before I did.  It seems to take me longer to make the important shifts in my life, but when I do, I try to embrace the new experiences fully.

We have been in Minnesota for two months or so and I have been saying goodbye to things and places, to sights and sounds.  Itʼs not that I wonʼt come for visits.  Itʼs that my heart wonʼt be fixed here in the same way.  Iʼve sold my piano, weʼve had a garage sale, and a realtor has been by.  Weʼre doing all the things about leaving.  About saying goodbye.

Change has been an ongoing theme in my writing about my experiences in Rosarito.  Scary, difficult, wonderful change.  I feel the opening up inside that happens when you commit to something.  A true willingness to change.  I think about the things I need to do and people I need to be with in Rosarito.  I face in a different direction now.  Iʼm anchored to a different spot.

I look forward to all the wonderful experiences to come and friendships to renew.  There will be plays and music, art and food. I will hear the ocean as I fall asleep and watch the pelicans in their undulating flight as the sun rises.  Now my heart is opening even more fully to Rosarito.  I can see the abundance of my life here in a new way.  Rosarito has become home.

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