Our Local Kumiai

Kumiai PotteryThey don’t have Casinos filling their coffers.  They don’t even have DIF delivering the bare essentials for the long winter months.  These Kumiai are about 200 Indians living in the hills just north of the Valle de Guadalupe in San Jose de la Zorra.

For the past 20 years Rosa Contreras, owner of Bajia Cantiles, has collected and delivered to the Kumiai much needed supplies.  Foremost of course is food (beans, rice, flour, salt, sugar) but also needed are seeds, toys, blankets, new or used clothing, pens, note books, and printer paper.

Rosa collects these items all through the holidays and then, when the weather permits, along with all interested residents, caravans up to the reservation to disburse these life saving and enriching supplies.  Donations are greatly appreciated and may be dropped off through January at Bajia Cantiles (K43).

Anyone interested in joining the trip should Contact Rosa at [email protected].  Also, have-you ever wanted to experience the sweat hut ritual?  Rosa is willing to arrange this for small groups.

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