Susan Walters

Adios Palm Grill

Memories are tied to places.  The sight of a special building and the reflections of events there sparkle in your memory.  Such is the case with the time spent by so many of us over the years at the Palm Grill next to Cantamar.  Mine center around relaxing dining with my (late) husband after a long week of work, dancing …

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Gambling on Leo’s Restaurant and Bar Yields a Delicious Pay-Off

In the Rosarito restaurant roulette, fortunes change and Lady Luck seems dizzy.  The difficult cement fence south of Calafia, with no safe left or U-turn lanes, leaves too many of our favorite restaurants accessible only with a “sober” leap of faith.  The odds of success are now moving south to the El Campito area with its three notable restaurants.  Although …

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