Gambling on Leo’s Restaurant and Bar Yields a Delicious Pay-Off

In the Rosarito restaurant roulette, fortunes change and Lady Luck seems dizzy.  The difficult cement fence south of Calafia, with no safe left or U-turn lanes, leaves too many of our favorite restaurants accessible only with a “sober” leap of faith.  The odds of success are now moving south to the El Campito area with its three notable restaurants.  Although still a work in progress, my money is now on Leo’s new restaurant showcasing an exquisite view of the cove just north of the Cuenca Lechera toll road offramp.

Leo’s beautiful wife Maryam Malak is beloved by many in Baja for her incredible voice, her magnetic and caring personality, and for her generous contributions to so many of Baja’s worthy charities.  Now Leo himself just may be your next favorite restaurateur.  He has spent two years remodeling by hand the family restaurant with delightful results—not a classy ambiance but a charmingly easy atmosphere.  Everywhere you feel a comfortable part of the ocean-scape.  The back patio, front patio and main room of the restaurant all provide captivating views.  After dark the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below serenades the soul and sets a subtly romantic mood unavailable anywhere else.

With Oscar (formerly head cook at Ruben’s) in charge of Leo’s kitchen, you know you can count on a great meal especially since Leo’s serves only top quality Angus Choice beef and fresh fish.  Oscar always tries to cater to any whims you might have by whipping up special requests with a proud smile as well as the delicious “on the menu” items he provides.  Oscar’s green salsa at the beginning stacks the deck that the rest of the meal will be a true jackpot of pleasure.  Leo and Oscar both gratefully welcome suggestions from customers from seating to menu items as they evolve their winning team.  In addition, I believe Leo has the best pour of the best wine at the best price to be found anywhere on the coast.  You can count on great drinks at this bar.  Leo’s also features daily specials, happy hour specials, and a fine Sunday brunch all with ample parking.  Drinking, dining and relaxing at Leo’s certainly will not break your bank.

If the food, drinks and fabulous view were not enough, you can bet on special entertainment surprises including the best local artists and the occasional joy of Maryam’s marvelous talents to delight you on the weekends.  Leo’s is now the winning spin of the wheel, so try your luck at Km. 52 Carretera Libre.

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