Amy Watson

Off-Road Racing Heaven

The Baja peninsula has some of the most gnarly terrain you will ever find.  With mile after mile of intense off-road tracks, it is a car racer’s dream.  Each year, thousands of racers and their fans flock to the Baja to take part in some kind of car race. The most notable of these is probably the Baja-1000, which is …

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From the Baja to the Mainland

The Baja is truly magical, and so vastly different from the rest of the country.  However, there may come a time when you need to venture beyond the sea and desert landscape and make your way to the mainland.  Of course, you may also find yourself on the mainland and desperate to explore this unique world that so many people …

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Baja Food

No Need For Fancy Restaurants When You Can Eats Tacos! When you think of Mexico you rarely think of high class fine dining.  However, that doesn’t mean that fantastic culinary experiences are out of the question.  Mexican food in Mexico is far more superior than eating Mexican anywhere else in the world – this may seem like a funny statement, …

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Camping in Baja

Baja California Beach Camping Panorama

One of my most favorite things about the Baja is the abundance of amazing camping spots.  There are plenty of safe and secure campgrounds equipped with warm showers, flushing toilets and lush grass, all things that many travelers seem to crave and often don’t associate with Mexico.  Sure, these campgrounds have their perks, I’ve even stayed in some with wifi …

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Cactus Road

Scene from Baja California Valle de los Cirios, or the Valley of the Candles

When I first arrived in Mexico I was desperate to see a ‘cartoon cactus’.  You know the one, just like you see in the Looney Tunes cartoons of Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales?  My hunt for this seemingly rare type of cactus proved rather fruitless.  Despite this, I was not disappointed. In the center of the Baja Peninsula lies the …

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Scammon’s Lagoon and Saltworks

Scammon’s Lagoon, or Laguna Ojo de Liebre is located about halfway along the Baja Peninsula.  It is a shallow and salty piece of water that opens in to the Pacific Ocean.  The lagoon is a popular spot with gray whales and tourists – it is very likely that former brings the latter!  Strangely enough, the area is also home to …

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La Paz City and Beach Life

La Paz is the largest city in southern Baja and is a rich and eclectic mix of modern cosmopolitan and old town Mexico.  It is a city much like many others all over the world, but there is something unique about La Paz.  The Malecon is scattered with a plethora of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and plenty of places …

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Car Shows and Blowholes

Just on the outskirts of Ensenada, a mere 35 kilometer drive is the extraordinary natural beauty of La Bufadora.  Located on the Punta Banda peninsula it is one of the world’s largest marine geysers, also known as a blowhole.  The latter is rather an apt name as the enormous spout of water shoots up into the air, much like a …

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More Than a Coffee Stop

We stopped in the lovely town of Mulege (pronounced moo-la-hay) for a coffee.  What started out as a much-needed coffee with the added bonus of homemade cakes and pretty decent WiFi, turned into an unscheduled two week stay.  Mulege is a quaint town situated on the east coast of Baja, at the north end of the Bay of Concepcion.  There …

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