Palacio Royal

Food at Palacio RoyalThe location of this fab restaurant is a bit hard to spot if you aren’t looking for it.  It’s upstairs on the northeast end of the Mazatlan plaza in Rosarito.  It is so worth the effort though.

We always go after church with a few friends and get the family style meals.  Last Sunday we just said “We have 400 pesos for six people.  We can’t have gluten.”  And they brought us plates and plates of delicious food.  They are very accommodating, too, for those of us with food issues.  I often take a digestive aid just in case, but I’ve never had to take one to eat at Palacio Royal.  I’ve never once had a gluten reaction, so I know they’re as careful as they say they will be.

Someone on the wait staff always speaks enough English to help us.  It’s interesting to sit and listen to them take our orders in English and Spanish (as some of us speak Spanish and some don’t) and then translate it to Chinese for the cooks.

Rachel MartinI suppose part of the fun is just going out with friends and sitting down to a nice big meal and chatting.  But we have eaten other places after church, with the same friends, and this place really works the best.  They have great seating so everyone can fit around one table with a baby in a high chair comfortably fitting in as well.

The space is roomy and clean and bright.  The food is great and for the price you can’t beat it.  I had as good, once, in a big city, but it was pricey and the ambiance was not as pleasant.

The food at the Palacio Royal is very tasty – well prepared and well presented.  There is plenty to go around and we always take some home.  The people are friendly and helpful and don‘t hover too much.  Next time you’re hankering for some great Chinese food try Palacio Royal.  Whether by yourself or with a  friend or a group of friends it is a real find and worth the short walk upstairs.  Your appetite, taste buds and wallet will thank you.

Palacio Royal is in the Mazatlan Plaza in Rosarito, one block north of Waldo’s, upstairs on the north east corner. 01 661 612 1412.  Open every day 11 to 10.

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