The Boys Are Back in Town The Baja Cowboys Return!

And they did it in a big way!  This much anticipated event took place on Saturday, March 29th, at El Pescador Restaurant in Puerto Nuevo (where they first made their debut as The Baja Cowboys), but this time the restaurant was well prepared for the onslaught.  The rooms were all opened up to accommodate the masses (and I do mean masses), along with several patio areas which had their own bars set up, and the energy buzzing from table to table was electrifying.  The band hadn’t even arrived yet!  Who knew?  Well, everyone… so it seemed.  The place was jam packed and positively humming with excitement.  Delicious chicken and rib dinners were being served, and the patios were crowded with friends and followers alike toasting the return of the mighty four… also known as The Baja Cowboys.

With group founder Randy Redmon on bass and lead vocals, Alex DePue on fiddle and vocals, Ross Taylor on lead guitar, keyboards & vocals, and Tom Doyle on drums, they didn’t disappoint.  In fact, they were a little late… and no one seemed to mind.  Everyone was having too much fun to mind, and when The Baja Cowboys finally took the stage, the show began.  What a show it was.  It’s always a pleasure to see concert goers who are actually paying attention to the band, and I saw many doing just that.

Eventually the dance floor was as crowded as the rest of the place. Honestly, these guys have never had a gig that wasn’t a complete success, and that’s because they are, each and every one of them, really fine musicians, and they love what they do.  It’s as simple as that.

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