Easter Weekend at La Mision Beach

Baja La Mision BeachI had the chance this Saturday to stroll along the La Mision Beach with my family.  The beach was packed from east of the pay road at the river to the shore line.  As I walked along I saw some people had gotten there early enough to get the primo spots.  The places next to the palapas, the nice shady umbrellas made of palm leaves kindly provided by the government a couple of years ago.

I saw someone with a hammock stretched up to the sturdy roof of the palapa.  “Clever” is what I thought.  Tents were everywhere, side by side.  People had brought their propane tanks and burners to cook on.  I saw little makeshift clothes lines hanging between tents for wet bathing suits and towels.

We were there mid-morning and the smell of bacon and eggs still hung in the air.  The day was beautiful and bright, not too hot.  People were out playing in the surf with their children, flying kites, playing volleyball and the day was generally getting underway.  Teenagers sat in tents or around in groups – some texting, some chatting, and some making googly eyes at the opposite sex.  Little kids were digging in the sand or playing in the surf with their parents.  Older kids were making sand castles.

Baja La Mision Beach EasterI love that here in Baja any special day is cause for celebration and the coming together of family and friends.  I love seeing families playing together with tents pitched next to friends, neighbors and strangers and everyone getting along and having fun.  The atmosphere was relaxed and fun.  Everyone seemed glad to be out enjoying themselves.

We had our two year old son with us and he wandered here and there with no boundaries.  When he strayed into someone’s site they would just smile and coo at him and wave.  The universal language of family is everywhere here.  “You’re here with your child.  We like children.  We wish you the best.”  Is clear even if you don’t speak Spanish.

I find it fascinating that no one here is stressing about Easter dinner.  They will have a cook-out on the beach.  Supplement what they brought with something from one of the many food huts along the sidewalk.  But most of all they will spend it with family and friends and relax and refresh themselves.

I loved the sights, smells, and vibes of a good old fashioned town camp out.  I think next year I may just dust off my old tent and join them.

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