A Day of Magic

Our Rosarito climate never ceases to amaze.  A short journey south on a well traveled road took me away from the coastal fog on to Black Cross Winery.  On Sunday, third of May, my wife Bunny Wingate Tavares conducted the first book signing of her new book, “Gentleman Tom and the Cookelfeffer” at Black Cross Winery and All the Pretty Horses Rescue.

The drive there encourages me to have a change of attitude.  From one of asphalt roads to a very relaxing, unhurried, gentle crawl in my car as befits dirt roads as we go inland from the highway.  We drift past fences and gates, farm houses and ranches, dogs waiting under shady trees as canine greeters for travelers, past meadows of flowers and broken tractors, up a steep stone driveway that I know wouldn’t be good after a snow, if it did snow here.

This change moves me towards the serenity experienced upon arrival at this magical place on a hill that speaks to the pureness of quiet people doing great deeds, friends known and friends made – an intimate gathering sponsored by Robin Mackenzie and Black Cross Winery.  Rustic simplicity and sophistication with Robin serving eatables of Texas fire-crackers, special blue cheese dip, crumb topped mini-brownies, olives and unshelled peanuts.  A fruit Sangria of Robin’s secret recipe flowed.  Robin un-corked bottles of her wine with names like, Temptation, Confess and Repent followed with a special tasting of an Australian Chardonnay.

Bunny sat at the table of honor selling books to all, complete with personal messages to each.  Everyone who bought a book from Bunny got to participate in a raffle which was won by Meredith Silver.  The prizes were two bottles of Black Cross wine and a Black Cross tee shirt imprinted with the winery’s logo.  Bunny donated the proceeds to Krystal who runs All The Pretty Horses Rescue.

Robin’s place is calming with views to charm, horses, happy dogs, talking chickens and goats who wish they could, the perfect setting for the introduction of Bunny’s book, a story about a young girl and horses, from many countries, that speak to her.  A magical place and a magical story.  Gentleman Tom was the name of Bunny’s horse that took Bunny over many a jump in competition and practice until that sad day when the Doctor told her, “You simply cannot afford any more injuries“.  But this special connection that never left led to this happy and magical day when her love of horses and writing brought the two together with friends, horses and a handful of carrots.

As the late afternoon was knocking on the door of evening, there were a few moments that I thought we were staying for the moon.

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