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It’s Oscar season!  Well, it is as I’m writing and, as you read, Oscar season has just passed.  Were you invited to any of the after parties?  No?  Me neither.  Have you seen all of the nominated movies?  Hmm, me neither.

But it’s never too late – the roster of winners certainly provides a great list of movie “must-sees.”  But, jeez, have you seen the prices at first-run movie theaters these days?  How does $11.50 per person sound?  That’s the price around San Diego, with an $8.50 sticker price for seniors.  Let’s be glad we don’t live in Manhattan where it’s $14.50, or $11.50 for seniors.  You can take in the matinee (at our age, we probably want to anyway) and that brings the regular ticket price down to $9.00, but doesn’t do a thing for seniors – it’s still $8.50.

Here’s an idea: at Cinépolis Pabellon, right here in Rosarito, it’s 39 pesos – that’s about $3.00!  It’s like a joyride back to the good old days.  And, by the way, this cinema is a comfortable, modern multiplex.  You don’t have to suffer for your savings.

You say you don’t speak Spanish?  Not to worry.  The first-run U.S. movies are almost always in English with Spanish subtitles.  I love that – helps me work on my Spanish; but they’re not overly obtrusive if you want to ignore them.  A few movies are dubbed instead of subtitled, but you can find that out when you check the listings and times online: “Subtitulada” means in English with Spanish subtitles, “Doblada” means dubbed into Spanish.

If you stroll by the multiplex in the Pabellon shopping center (at the North end of Rosarito across from Home Depot), you’ll see the posters for Coming Attractions.  Or do what I do – find the current offerings online.  Googling Cinema Pabellon Rosarito yields a few websites… here’s the one I think works best: Cinepolis Pabellon Rosarito  Now for the only challenge.  It can be hard – not always, but sometimes – to figure out the movie titles. Would you recognize:

  • Operacion Monumento as The Monuments Men (probably)
  • Lego La Pelicula as The Lego Movie (check)
  • Heroe De Centro Comercial as Mall Cop (I don’t think so)

So, if the title isn’t obvious… or you’re looking for a particular movie… click on each listing; there you’ll see the names of the stars and co-stars, which will usually give you all the clues you need.  Or view the posters online, which will make things pretty clear.  Some of the posters on the website are even in English.

So, if you haven’t been to Cinépolis yet, give it a go. Great place on a rainy day or any day.

See you at the movies!Movies

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