Off The Beaten Path

Rosarito Dirt RoadThere exists a Rosarito that many haven’t seen.  A friend of mine, Kevin Collins, offered me the use of an off road motorcycle leading me on a journey east of the coast into the hills and valleys we only see from our car windows while traveling on asphalt roads.  We leave Las Olas riding south to merge with the free road, crossing over and under the toll road just past Calafia.  We climb up through a housing development continuing on past the last houses and barking dogs surprised by the two guys on loud dirtbikes.

The fields welcome us with outstretched arms.  I follow, Kevin leads, I’m pressed to keep up and I quickly have no idea where I am.  Ranches and fields unfold with some stately houses, and large, well kept ranches.  What amazes me is the roads.  They are all dirt, some with good sized ditches that have crash written in them.  Many have street signs and names on metal poles showing a network of roads in every direction.  Though none I would recommend for the family sedan.  We ran out of roads.  Kevin takes me through breaks in fences, on paths, on almost paths, down go slow, steep drops, only to find ourselves on Avenue 2000.  We cross the Avenue and back into the hills and fields.

Rincon Tropical Hotel Zoo BirdSomehow, because Kevin’s done this many times, we drive into a resort named Rincon Tropical.  I call this place a sanity sanctuary because of its feeling of peace.  I meet a person whose name is TJ, find a small zoo and we three sit at one of the many outside tables drinking coffee.  I have wanted to go back for a long time by car so I could explain to others how to get there.

One recent Sunday my wife and I did just that.  It really isn’t hard to find, just about 3 miles as the bird flies east of the Rosarito Hotel.  While my wife was threatening divorce halfway there but then she too fell in love with the serenity.  The road is long, dusty and bumpy.  When we went on Sunday, the local offroaders were having an event at a ranch near there, bringing much traffic with their Baja racers.

Rincon Tropical Hotel Zoo LlamaThe directions are easy.  From downtown Rosarito drive east across from Hotel Festival Plaza on Calle La Palma, under the toll road, go right keeping the Pemex on your left.  There are signs the entire way but old and hard to read.  Make a left after the Pemex, down the hill making a right turn after a small store, down some more and then make a left.  At that point follow your nose, look for signs and don’t give up.  When you get to CREEAD you are almost there.  Telephone # 661-112-4546.  Vist them at

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