First Ever Horse Vaccination and Deworming Clinic a Huge Success

Carla Jesme The La Mision Equestrians, a riding and rescue club, sponsored this first ever clinic for horses.  Fifty local horses in La Mision were given a five way vaccination and dewormered.  Dr. Miguel Cuadras administered the shots and spoke with us authoritatively on how to properly care for the horses health.

If we can sponsor a clinic every year, we may not have to rescue so many horses.  Deworming the horses alone will add much weight to these beautiful animals.  Many of the local people can’t afford to give vaccines and deworm their horses so this is our way of helping the whole community.

Horse at La Mision EquestriansWe sold raffle tickets through local business, like Magana’s, Splash and Douglas Salon, among others.  Lots of people bought tickets and we raised $2000 to cover the cost of vaccinations and dewormers.

This was the first of what we hope will be an annual clinic.  Next year we’d like to help a hundred horses.  Thank you to all the people that helped us sponsor this clinic.  We have a wonderful neighborhood here in and around La Mision.  Other communities that would like to arrange a similar horse clinic, talk to Carla Jesme on Facebook.  Try La Mision equestrians.

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