Robin’s Dream

Robin Gunther had a dream when she arrived in Rosarito some years ago, a dream that we are all privy to now.  One thought, in the mind of a person that gets things done, can move mountains and so it did for hundreds of homeless dogs and cats no longer roaming our streets as they did before.  Sick with mange, …

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A Mexican Vaquero

Lupe, my friend in Mexico for twenty years helped me with Marimba, my first horse.  Decades have passed since I bought Marimba, a thirty-eight year old gelding, whose ribs showed through his brown coat because his teeth had grown too long for him to chew alfalfa.  I crossed the border to buy alfalfa pellets and he regained his weight. Our …

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Gabriel and the Porsche

Some years ago, about 1971, while living on a ranch in Northern California, I agreed to take on the responsibility of the care and training of a dog.  One afternoon I walked into an animal shelter in Sebastopol.  As soon as I entered the kennel a little white and black spotted puppy claimed me as savior.  To be sure I …

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