Robin’s Dream

Robin Gunther had a dream when she arrived in Rosarito some years ago, a dream that we are all privy to now.  One thought, in the mind of a person that gets things done, can move mountains and so it did for hundreds of homeless dogs and cats no longer roaming our streets as they did before.  Sick with mange, broken bones and starvation, this homeless pet population has been virtually removed from our village.  Packs of dogs no longer roam our streets because of her dream of inexpensive spay and neuter services which has been responsible for nearly 20,000 unwanted animals not being born finto a sad, short and painful life.

Her MASH unit travels to remote villages that would ordinarily not have access to low cost spay and neuter facilities.  Her volunteers, and there are many, visit schools to educate the young people about animal rights and needs and our responsibility to control the unwanted population.  These clinics use the finest materials and are top quality although the cost of the surgeries is small.  Teaching the children will benefit the animals and the humans in the community.

I’m a person who is vitally interested in animal welfare and I’d like to help this organization thrive and grow. Many parts of Mexico now have her vision and more are coming along all the time.

Robin and Rod have given many homeless animals permanent and temporary homes over the years as have her volunteers.  The word goes out and a team races to the rescue.  Our veterinarians rise to the occasion and volunteer in these clinics.  This is just another way Baja loves those in need whether they are four legged or two legged.  We are all about helping and giving and isn’t that what we’re all so proud of?

About Bunny Wingate Tavares

Bunny Wingate Tavares is author of Escaping the USA on Amazon.