To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

My children, their children, my money, my soul,
When DID I last sleep through the night!
Then throw in my weight,
And the state of the state,
And my night brain is out of control.

This crowd in my head seems to hog the whole bed.
I wish they’d stay out in the hall!
My mind’s turned to mush, a musical gush,
A lyrical madhouse from Disney!

Aladdin meets Beauty in a verse from the Psalms,
My checkbook balance warbles along.
Then a long grocery list and a pain in my wrist
Keep me tossing and turning till dawn.

When 4 o’clock gleams,
That’s the end of my dreams,
And I’m left with these old movie scores.
The theme from Zhivago, a song from Chicago,
All of them great crashing bores!

Warm milk doesn’t help it,
Nor thinking good thoughts,
Nor planning revenge on my foes.
This is just one more thing that getting older brings,
Till one finds sleep in eterrnal repose……I suppose.

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