Baja’s our Favorite Mail Service

When we arrived in La Mision one year ago, our first stop was Click-On.  We were told we could set up mail service there and we were anxious to do so. My husband and I were thinking it would be nice to continue to get mail from friends and family back home, but that is just the start of what has done for us.

To start with their price for mail service is what I consider reasonable, $25 a month.  Their mail carrier makes trips to the states three times a week.

There are myriad other things Click-On can do for you besides mail service like faxing and photocopies as well as computers and internet for use.  All of those for a small fee of course.  We had Jackie Alameda, the co-owner of, do our taxes last year and her price was more than fair.  She also had some great information about tax stuff for Americans living in Mexico that we found extremely helpful.  She even found a mistake that a major accounting firm in the states missed.

We also had her do our Sentri applications.  The fees were more than reasonable and I didn’t have to do it.  I had a friend say to me. “You know you can do that yourself, I did.”  Well I’m sure one can, but at the low price they charge I would rather have them do it and know it’s done right.

They have wonderful people that work there who are always at the ready with my mail the second I step in the door.  Marty, Rose, Cristina, Ricardo and Mavis.  Rose even does Mexican immigration paperwork and can walk you through it step by step.

They have a lovely clean place, great easy parking, good location, a bulletin board for all things needed and wanted, snacks for sale, a clean restroom, cards for all occasions, a take and leave library of English books, and English speaking help really help with just about anything under the sun.

I walk into Click-On with my young son and they smile and treat him with kindness and sometimes, when time permits, we hang-out in their little picnic area and share a soda and chat with people coming in.  We love Click-On and I am sure you willtoo.

Address: Free Road Tijuana-Ensenada KM 44.4, Puerto Nuevo Village Loc #1,
22711 Rosarito, B.C.
Phone: 01 661 614 0513
Hours: Open Monday to Saturday · 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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