Love is a Four Letter Word

Another four letter word is Baja, my home, a place of rampant charity and good will to all.  This does not mean that this love is given freely to anyone that asks, or does it?

Our borders are blurred with charitable offerings to children and adults, animals and displaced people.  A broken leg or hearing of a cancer diagnosis brings out a horde of people offering service.  A home burned to the ground has just been rebuilt by ex-pats and fellow Mexicans in a matter of weeks with clothes donated to the family and food bought for the family pets.  A stray dog alone or with a newly birthed family is a signal for an immediate SOS and rescue.  Music, dance, food and love are advertised in the form of a party or a luncheon.  Possibly a wine pairing or a cook off is planned on the beach or at a restaurant.  Our horsey set has imaginative do’s to excite the folks that love the smell and feel of a barn as I do.  The sound of a horse’s neigh is to me and many others an angel’s cry.  Dogs and cats are spayed and neutered in abundance weekly by our Baja charities to stop the stray population from growing on our streets.  School children are given time to expand their imagination with projects funded by ex-pats.  There are many more charities and love in our beautiful Baja, too many to mention here but one has only to look in our newspaper or online to find their charitable niche, something for every taste.

As more folks settle here and create more love, we find more people willing and able to help those less fortunate even for just a few weeks or months.  Last evening I attended a Bajavarah event at a dear friend’s home.  We were each asked to pray for someone who needed healing.  I was moved to tears to hear my name mentioned.  I choked tears back and spoke my piece.  Friends are helping and praying for friends.  People are giving freely of their money and time to help other living beings with two or four legs.  Almost an entire town is involved in charity of some kind.  I have never seen this in all my seventy odd years of living.  By the grace of some magical being I landed in this Baja bubble and hope to be able to give back what I have received.

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