Grupo Coyote An afternoon in Pueblo Plaza

Grupo CoyoteSerendipity in Rosarito is the bonus for residing here, often in the form of a three-ring circus of sensations.  Strolling downtown on a Sunday afternoon past Pueblo Plaza, I was attracted by a wild cumbia rendition of El Orangutan.

Meandering inside the alley, I discovered just outside Susanna’s restaurant the arresting spectacle of a 4-piece combo.  Ordering a glass of wine, I sat down meaning to sit back and enjoy.  The energy radiated by this group was contagious.  Soon, passers-by began dancing, with the staff of Susanna’s restaurant joining in the fun.

Grupo_Coyote_GuitaristCloser examination revealed that this group was not one composed of spring chickens.  The lead singer Ana Maria Montes is 84 years old, as is Estevan Pizana on the drums and cymbals.  Adorable, yet talented are words which hardly do justice to Grupo Coyote.  With vocalist and animator Pedro Rodrigez and Charlie Franco on bongo drums, their performance was electrifying.  You’d expect these folks to be eating bonbons on the patio in the old folks home.  They are true inspiration.

Their repertoire ranges from traditional Mexican songs to a plethora of upbeat Cuban rhythms.

Pueblo Plaza, home to Susanna’s gourmet restaurant and Balam coffee house, is a delightful alley replete with flowering shrubs and luxuriant vegetation.

A perfect Sunday afternoon.

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