The Feeling Side of Life…by ella

Para La SaludThe Monty Python crew said, “When you’re feeling in the dumps, don’t be silly chumps.  Just purse your lips and whistle-that’s the thing.  Always look on the bright and light side of life.”  As our bodies are made up of energy, this silly advice has merit.  Here is another example of shifting and clearing negative energy from your body to feel better.  Smile, look up and raise your eyebrows.  Change your posture and change your energy.  Sounds simple right?  It is, simple and effective!  Simplicity is the final achievement of life.

The element of feelings is water.  Water energy is about flow and fluidity, in other words the natural order and flow of things and life.  Water is also about healing through the Heart, and we are blessed to live here with an abundance of water, our beautiful Pacific Ocean.  Water energy is here to remind us of the concept of the feminine, which has been neglected in our society.  Balance of masculine and feminine energies are returning to our planet as we become more aware.  The masculine cannot manifest without the creation and creativity of the feminine.  We can manifest by tuning into higher creative energy which comes through direct connection with All That Is, Love.

As humans we tend to create through the mind and intellect as this is how we are usually taught in our schools and by our families.  This is living through ego desires and has caused imbalance in our world.  We are shifting into creating from our Heart space and a higher understanding of manifesting.  We can move into a place where our self doubt is no more, to create only from this sacred and natural flow.  When you have an intuitive feeling, trust it, as that is Source and the natural flow happening.  We are waking up from our deep slumber.

The feeling activity of Life is the most unguarded detail of human consciousness.  We are here to learn to control our emotions and this point is one of the greatest needs in the Western world today.  We can rid our lives of misery when we leash our thoughts and feelings and move into our Heart space.  So let’s keep it simple and come from Love.

Ella O’Bryan is one of the models in the Ensenada calendar, Gorgeous Women of Baja.  She is the Original Yogini of Punta Banda and loves yoga, qigong and the view of the ocean from her windows in beautiful La Bufadora.  [email protected]

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Ella O’Bryan is the Original Yogini of Punta Banda. She is asking that you send her feedback on her articles! [email protected]

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