Loving Baja

Colors of Mexico

Today I sat in the living room at home.  I’ve repainted most of the downstairs.  I love Mexico for it’s lack of laws about what color is ‘in’ or which colors go together.  I have a pile of things to go to Cruz Roja—not as large as I‘d like, but certain things I can’t bring myself to pitch out.  Things …

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Missing Home

Last night I asked my wife how long we have been back in Minnesota.  She said, “Two weeks.”  Funny, I thought, it seems more like three.  Generally, I can’t believe how fast the time goes by.  So, it’s strange to think that time has slowed down here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Or is it because I so desperately …

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Tick Tick, Bang Bang

When I turned 21 my mother told me I would know I was grown up when I understood time.  I don’t think I ever got it. If I’m waiting for something, I prepare and prepare, and then the event comes and goes and I’m still preparing and maybe even still worrying.  Not for too long, a few days and then …

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