Never Smile At A Crocodile…Or a Raccoon!

The May issue of Sunset Magazine has a section devoted to camping, a portion of which was entitled, “Every camper’s nemesis: the raccoon.”  Having camped for many years before realizing that “camping” really means a hotel without room service, I’m here to say we never saw one raccoon.  Not one.  And we know why.  They’re way too smart to be …

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Notes from Sierra Madre Crickets And Other Wildlife Friends

You’ve read one of those adorable books that well-meaning people write for children about crickets and other unpleasant varmints?  Tailored, of course, for the wellmeaning people who buy them for children because they are so adorable…the varmints, that is…well, the children, too. Examples: “The Very Quiet Cricket”, “Oscar and the Cricket”, “Cricket Man – A Novel”, and, of course, that …

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