Helping Animals


I was born in the concrete jungle of New York City with no horse in sight, but for some reason the first word I ever said was “horse”, some kind of unexplained love affair from age two. My Dad took me to Madison Square Garden every November for the National Horse Show, and he took me riding in Central Park …

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Villa Moreno – La Mision Horse Whisperer

Walking the boardwalk in La Mision, I noticed that most of the guys renting their horses keep them firmly tied to a line.  But another group of horses are just standing around, like people at a cocktail party.  No ties, no restraints at all.  After asking around I learned that these horses belong to Villa.  One day I found him …

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A Day of Tragic Loss… and of Hope

The distress message came early Tuesday morning. Dawn Stephens, one of the co-founders of Tina Jo’s Promise, a horse rescue, called to say that Indigo had colicked over the weekend.  While he was tenuously on the mend, recovery was still a long way off.  Could I come down to Punta Banda and “work my magic on him?” As an equine …

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