Sitara Perez

The Rest of the Story

My little 12 volt SureFlo pump has two wires sticking out of it instead of a plug and has to be connected to a car battery to run, and it only pumps two gallons a minute.  Ha.  I had more than 800 gallons of wine to move.  Do the math, kiddos. It took us 16 plus hours.  Yep.  And we …

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Racking My Brain Over the Grape 

People occasionally joke with me and ask, “How is it that you don’t drink all of your wine?”  We have a chuckle over that but the truth is it’s my livelihood, folks.  This is a sink-or-swim life choice and I prefer to learn the front crawl than to drown in my own creation.  Wine Work equals Hard Work.  It’s not …

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