Deanne Davis

Humans of New York and Teachers

“My name is Brandon and I began Humans of New York in the summer of 2010.  I thought it would be really cool to create an exhaustive catalogue of New York City’s inhabitants, so I set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers….” Brandon Stanton If you’ve never heard of Brandon Stanton or “Humans of New York,” take a look at …

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Does anyone have honeybaked ham for a regular, ordinary, no-big-deal, middle of the week dinner?  Seriously, nobody’s coming over, but you go to the honey-baked ham store and take one home?  I don’t think so.  There are certain things that only seem to work for holidays.  For instance, turkey.  Have you ever bought a turkey in the middle of April, …

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A New Year’s Greeting

A splendid new year is here, and it’s waiting. Stuffed with joy for celebrating. Each day a canvas, Ready for painting. Choose the colors you want to see, All bright ones, delight ones Yellow and orange and red and green, Laughter and happiness, so much ahead to be seen. Color each day with people you love, Each one is a …

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