Alice Donenfeld-Vernoux

Alice Donenfeld-Vernoux is the author of “Cave Dreams” a novel available on

Colors of Mexico

Today I sat in the living room at home.  I’ve repainted most of the downstairs.  I love Mexico for it’s lack of laws about what color is ‘in’ or which colors go together.  I have a pile of things to go to Cruz Roja—not as large as I‘d like, but certain things I can’t bring myself to pitch out.  Things …

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Baja Mornings

For me, mornings in Baja are special.  Drinking coffee, fixed just the way I like it, sitting quietly to enjoy the familiarity of the flavor—a magic time.  A list of the days chores is at hand, a look outside checks the weather.  My dogs, keeping me company in my office, need a scratch under the ears.  Living in Mexico has …

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