The Wedding

One of our grandchildren was married yesterday.  A wonderful day.  They had organized and planned their wedding pretty much without any help at all.  The invitations were very simple, just a page they had created and copied.  Ours was addressed to Grandma and Grandpa…which is good.  That’s who we are. There were two unusual comments on the invitation.  The first was: “Apparel: Casual Nice.  Dress for Warm Weather – Must wear white underwear.”  We were mystified, but assured that all would be revealed at the wedding.  And it was.  A show of hands was requested of who had complied and worn white underwear.  Astonishingly, most people did.  Then a show of hands for who did not.  All people who wore other than white had to do the Chicken Dance.  I’m still laughing.

The second interesting comment on the invitation was this: “This is an alcohol free event; please do not bring any alcoholic beverages.  Thank you.”  You’ve probably never received a wedding invitation with a statement like that.  There’s a really good reason.  This young man, who will be 21 this October 1st, was marrying his sweetheart, his dearest companion, strong support, shelter in times of storm, best friend and confidante since they were both 15 years old.  And he has been hers.  They met in rehab where they were trying to kick drug and alcohol addiction.  They were in serious trouble but there they met Ari, a counselor, a minister, the right person to help them both do the hard work of rehab.

That’s right, 15.  Yesterday, Ari married them.  He touched briefly on their meeting, and their progress the last five years.  And progress there has indeed been.  A couple of years ago we attended our grandson’s delayed graduation from high school, which we didn’t think we’d see.  He has held several jobs where he was responsible and promoted.  He is now a supervisor working for his bride’s Dad.  He is climbing in that company and doing very well.  She is going to college and will eventually graduate with a degree enabling her to be a Marriage-Family-Child counselor.  They have both been sober for five years.

Yes, they’re 20, but more ready for marriage than any two people I can think of.  They did not live together before marriage and now they have an apartment where they can be together.  Our wedding present was a vacuum and one of my books which contains many family recipes.  Ari told them to be grateful.  To be kind.  They had each written their own vows in which they called each other “my best friend.”  As they exchanged rings, Ari had them repeat, “I give you this ring to show I choose you. Wear it and think of me.”

It was a beautiful wedding, packed with family, friends who have also traveled the sobriety road, and many Sparkling Apple Cider toasts from those who love them.  Best wedding ever!  “When the world says Give Up, Hope whispers…Try it one more time.”

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