Susanna’s – Not Just For Company

Susannas_Restaurant_Baja_CaliforniaA lot of people suggest Susanna’s Restaurant as a special place to go for a great dinner, especially when you want to impress friends or family who are visiting from the States, or for a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day.  But, we like to go when we just want an especially well-prepared dinner and a great dining experience with great ambiance.

Susanna’s is located in the heart of Rosarito just a half  block south of El Nido’s.  Walk west into a courtyard of shops –  it’s like stepping into a magical Mexican garden.

The restaurant opened in August of 2004 and describes itself as California Cuisine.  The menu offers a wide array of delicious preparations created by Susanna and prepared by her chef, Luis.

Susanna is a daily presence, gracious and warm, greeting diners, visiting each table and inquiring as to the satisfaction of the diner.  The staff provide that added touch of warmth – Guille, Julio, and bar server, Lorenza are attentive and engaging personalities.

Dining inside is a romantic adventure – small, intimate and very special.  The lounge offers a comfortable sofa strewn with pillows.  Relax here as if you were a guest in her home.  The attention to detail, from decor to hefty flatware, is testimony to the care with which the restaurant has been put together.

We like to start with an appetizer and the menu offers a wide variety.  We usually settle on empanadas with jalapenos.  Don’t be frightened by jalapeno since each round of pastry is filled with just a hint of heat.  Or try special sweet corn tamales, just the right size.

Each dish is specially prepared for quality and presentation.  One doesn’t have to sample much to realize that the essential quality of Susanna’s dishes is freshness.  Everything, vegetables, fruit, fish, shrimps, beef, is fresh.

We also love to eat in the courtyard on one of several patio tables.  Shaded by an umbrella, sharing a drink, and eating a salad is one lovely way to spend an early afternoon.  Susanna’s offers seven salads.  A favorite of ours is a citrus salad with oranges and another is a steak salad with savory thinly sliced strips of beef.  Or try the Tex/Mex salad with corn kernels and beans.  Delicious.

Top off the meal with a decadent chocolate dessert or bread pudding drenched in a sweet cream, with freshly brewed coffee. Perfection.

Don’t wait for that special day or that special company to enjoy Susanna’s.  Treat yourself any day of the week, except Tuesday, to this special dining experience.

Susanna’s phone:  661-613-1187
address:  4356 Benito Juarez, Pueblo Plaza in the Tourist Zone, Rosarito.

About Gerry Lidstrom

Gerry Lidstrom is a retired english teacher living most of the year in northern Baja California, and summers in Minnesota. He writes regularly for the Baja Review and keeps very busy with all the associations, clubs and activities in Rosarito. He wouldn't trade his ocean front condo for any place on earth, now. Who knows about the future. Watch for his travel articles.

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