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Rosarito Car ClubI am drawn to cars like a moth to a flame.  Often, as I drive on Benito Juarez, I notice an upholstery shop named Tapiceria Abarca, at number 293, where I’ve seen very clean, older, custom cars parked in front.  Naturally, I had to stop, meet the owner.  Jamie Abarca, who has been in the upholstery business for 49 years and is a born motorhead like me, introduced me to the Rosarito Car Club.

They have about twenty members who share a love for custom cars.  In addition they raise money for the local Red Cross.  I was invited to their club meeting on Benito Juarez in front of the big field near the Pemex.  They’re there on the last Friday of every month starting at five in the evening.

Rosarito Car Club 1964 GMC SuburbanStop in and check out these cars.  A great bunch of guys will make you feel welcome and talk car stuff – every custom car has a story from Uncle Sammy’s 1956 one ton custom camper truck to a 1931 Ford pick-up with a 97 Chevy engine.  There are also a 1936 Chevy, a 1954 Chevy and more.  All these cars represent a lot of work.  They don’t come in good shape, just the opposite, they need a lot of work.

This picture is of Jaime’s latest project, a 1964 GMC Suburban.

There is a custom car show coming up in Tijuana on June 30.  But always the last Friday of the month here in Rosarito a show is happening.

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