The Biggest Burro

Baja's Best Bites LogoThose who have lived in the southwest U.S. for any period of time and loved the huge carne asada burritos and chimichangas served at local drive-thru taco shops and Mexican food restaurants are often disappointed in the burritos that they encounter when they visit Baja Norte.  Not because of their lack of flavor or quality, but because of their comparatively small size.

You see, it is virtually impossible to find those extra large chimichanga style tortillas down here, which are more commonly seen in Sonora and other areas of Mexico’s mainland.  Fortunately, however, there is one place in Ensenada where you can regularly enjoy extremely tasty burritos so enormous that they are virtually impossible to eat in a single sitting, even if you are extremely hungry!  How are they able to obtain these elusive oversized flour tortillas you ask?  The answer is simple; they make them right there in their own kitchen …and they are fantastic!

Big Burro is conveniently situated just a few hundred yards north of the entrance to the popular Estero Beach Resort.  And, although the physical appearance of this glorified food stand may appear a bit humble, you will find that the quality of their menu items easily surpasses that of more elaborate eateries in the area serving the same type of cuisine.

This is also one of the few local places where you can order a taco or burrito using shrimp that have not been battered and deep fried in oil; grilled camarones ranchero are one of their house specialties.

Big Burro BurritoSince the family who owns the operation had a similar enterprise for several years in California’s inland empire, those who are not well versed in Español will have no difficulty in placing an order here.  Now in their fourth year of operation at this location, Big Burro has earned an ever increasing legion of faithful patrons with their great food and reasonable pricing.  In addition to the succulent, freshly charred carne asada, ranchero style shrimp and other mouthwatering menu items, they feature a couple of homemade salsas that are to die for.

The verde is fairly mild and complex, which expertly compliments their chicken, shrimp and fish dishes.  The roja, on the other hand, is straight forward and intensely conveys the flavor of chipotle chilis infused with garlic and authentically aromatic especias and traditional seasonings.  If you enjoy this type of cuisine and especially if you are a lover of ‘big’ burritos, then there is only one thing left to do.  Give them a try for yourself.

When traveling down Reforma near Chapultepec, make a turn toward the beach on José María Morelos and then proceed all the way to the OXXO store at Calle Lupita Novelo.  Turn left, and Big Burro is about halfway down the street on your right hand side.

Their formal Ensenada address is Calle 3era 22785, and they take to go and local deliver orders at their cell number, 646-194-34-39.  You can also find them on Facebook.

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