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Making a Bigger Splash!

Located on the Carreterra Libre just over 50 kilometers south of Tijuana, Splash Restaurant & Cantina is situated on a rocky outcropping adjacent to the pounding Baja surf, which originally inspired its name.  Over the years, this establishment has gained a reputation for serving some of the freshest seafood along that section of the coast, as well as being a popular watering hole known for its potent Cadillac margaritas.

In fact, this eatery has developed such a following that it was eventually prompted to relocate to a larger multistory facility just a few hundred meters south of the restaurant’s original site that was established well over a decade ago.  Proprietors Nicolas and Agapo Santos have diligently expanded their regular clientele to include a convivial mix of locals, tourists and resident ex-pats who faithfully drop in to enjoy the fresh seafood and spectacular view.

During lobster season, which begins in late September and extends through early March, the restaurant is particularly busy satisfying the appetites of their guests for Baja California Norte’s favorite crustacean.

In addition to the local spiny lobster, Splash serves up a bevy of fresh, locally popular fish species such as California halibut (lenguado) and black sea bass (mero).  During the peak summer season, freshly seared ahi (yellowfin tuna) and sashimi can also be found on the menu.  As a matter of fact, with the exception of the fried seafood combo, all of the fish, mollusks and crustaceans served here are regionally sourced and have never been frozen.  Hence, you may not be able to order it if it is not seasonally available.

Admittedly, fresh seafood may not be what you happen to be in the mood for, in which case there are a bevy of traditional Mexican specialties, salads and soups available.  They also serve up what been described by some as one of Baja’s best burgers.  If you should arrive early, delicious breakfast selections are also served; try one of their tasty shrimp omelets along with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

When the sun goes down, Splash offers live entertainment in the cantina every night of the week, which really brings out the dancers after patrons have enjoyed a few libations.  This a place where you can have a good meal and a good time just about any time that you decide to stop in, especially if you just happen to be driving by on your way north or south.  It is easily accessible when traveling on either the free road or the toll highway.

Splash Restaurant & Cantina is located at KM 52 Libre Rosarito/Ensenada and is open daily from 9:00am. For additional information, call 661-614-0095.

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